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The Elizabeth Molina Show

Aug 25, 2021

In this episode of Your Beauty Guru w/ Elizabeth Molina podcast, Elizabeth Molina talks with Dr. Michelle Gordon AKA Dr. G. She is a TV Host, Surgeon, Athlete and Author. She was the former Host and Executive Producer of the Reality Docu-Drama, called Life Matters with Dr. Michelle Gordon that aired on the SciFi channel; It was about 7 women they were addressing aging while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime in Spain, she is a board certified general surgeon and founder of the Gordon Surgical group a multispecialty group practice in 2005. She also co-authored a book called Life Matters cookbook with Chef Cassandra Catoia recipes for living including a low carbohydrate and paleo inspired delicious meals you can prepare at home. She is the founder of the menopause movement and it is a community for women to flourish through menopause and life. She founded this menopause movement when menopause hit her hard, and it was very frustrating for her especially as a doctor that there wasn't very much out there. We're going to hear about this during the interview but she set out and she started learning and getting information and this information really transformed her life, not just menopause but her life in general and so she created this community and so she is out there to help other women experience the same transformation she has. 

Make sure to take away the notes!

Conversation Highlights:

[00:02:17] This is such an important conversation to have, because as women I feel like there is not a lot of information in general about our menstruation and why it's good to have it, what it means, and there's alot of shame around it. 

  • What age were you when you first got your period?
  • Pill and no period?
  • Surgery coming off the pill?!
  • Butt injection while performing a surgery!?! 

[00:05:32] So we started with the period, but no one talks about this period, like this whole thing and like even the days like what that means. As a surgeon, as a physician, as someone who is educated..How do you take this news? In your brain, how do you receive that? Oh this is happening.. Are you mechanical about it or are you the woman behind it? I want to know about your experience, it’s not often we get to hear from the doctor who has been diagnosed with something and have to experience it like their patients

  • Biology: Why do women have biological clocks?
  • There’s types of Menopause?!
  • Who did I turn to for help? ...The answer might surprise you! 
  • Most common symptoms 

[00:12:25] In your training being a surgeon or doctor did you learn about nutrition? When i take my 2 dogs to the vet the first thing they ask is, what’s their diet, how much protein, fibre, etc? But when I go to see a doctor I never get asked about it.  Why is that?

  • What I learned in medical school
  • How I changed my perception to make now the best time of my life

[00:17:10] Do all women experience menopause the same?

  • It doesn’t suck, It’s a privilege! 

[00:18:00] Is there a diet that can help us women have an easier transition into / prepare us for  menopause?

  • Maybe!?
  • Sugar v fat: Who is the real enemy?
  • Politics and food??
  • The No No list: 3 C’s and 3 S’s
  • 5 Guys is the healthiest fast food

[00:28:18] What are some common symptoms that women will experience that indicate menopause?

  • Are periods shameful because of society being patriarchal? 
  • What is feminine energy? 
  • Do women have an expiration date? Or are they like wine? 
  • People pay to look like babies?! 
  • Quantum physics..Double slit experiment and how to manifest during menopause 

[00:41:11] What are some common mistakes women make surrounding menopause?

  • You don’t have to suffer through it
  • Serotonin inhibitor and its impact on orgasms?  

[00:45:10] Now this is a beauty podcast, can you tell me what your definition  of beauty is?

  • Beauty is your thoughts and perception of yourself 
  • Be excited for menopause here’s why! 
  • No more biological clock..menopause is freedom?

[00:48:20]So looking at my beauty circle, what areas do you think you excel in and why?

  • Movement - I am training for a 7 mile race, from Woodsboro to Falmouth 

[00:51:02]What’s one thing you would have told your younger self before reaching where you are today? 

  • What advice would Dr. G give to her 18 year old self?

[00:51:55]BRAG TIME!!! This is your time to tell us more about what you’re currently working on, or doing in life.

  • Studied classical voice for 15 years, was a first soprano in college 
  • Help so many women, create the lives they always wanted through the mastery program. 

Reach Dr. G on:

Instagram - @DrMichelleGordon

Facebook - @DrMichelleGordon

Twitter - @MichelleEGordon

Clubhouse - @DrG

TikTok - @DrMichelleGordon


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